31 March 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle.  It actually exists.

30 March 2011

Charles Harper

Once two guys stole a car.  But when they realized it belonged to Mr. Rogers, they drove it back and returned it.  True story.

29 March 2011

28 March 2011

Natalia Vodianova.  Man, that location is gorgeous.
by Charles Harper

27 March 2011


26 March 2011

Cecilia Mendez

25 March 2011

Burberry Prorsum 07

Donald O'Connor

24 March 2011

it's funner this way, trust me

I arrange my books by color too.
Got the room from here.

23 March 2011


Erin Fetherston - starring Kirsten Dunst.
Remember when this came out?  I loved it.

I like brown.

The Baudelaire mansion in ruins, illustrated by Brett Helquist.

22 March 2011

black and white, we are right.

Christy Turlington photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, illustration by Danny Roberts, Vintage Printable, an  ampersand, Wendybird (Erin Featherston).

Photographed by Tim Walker.  I love this for some reason.  Don't know why.

21 March 2011

The Beatles, obviously - in Palm Springs, I believe.

20 March 2011

Sowa - Sharks of Suburbia

Eggs of American Songbirds


19 March 2011


18 March 2011

(500) Days of Summer

Christopher Bailey

Michael Sowa

17 March 2011

Keira Knightley is playing Karen in The Children's Hour in the West End right now. I just need to move to England. Or at least New York.  Theatre is a rather on the thin side here in Arkansas.
I heard about the play a few years ago, when I got interested in Audrey Hepburn - and I read it last year in Intro to Lit.  I admire the way Keira Knightley is doing theatre - good theatre.  She really seems to approach her acting very thoughtfully.  Treats it as a craft.  Hey, I could idolize a worse person.

Billy Elliot

Italian bird eggs